Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Orb II" Original Alcohol Ink Contemporary Abstract Painting, Cosmos by New Orleans Artist Lou Jordan

The Orb paintings are two new alcohol ink paintings that speak to me of Cosmos; space, strings of golden matter, layers and layers into infinity. As I am always trying to see "what will happen if I do this?" these are experiments using the inks on larger pieces of Yupo. I get a substrate of color down on the Yupo and then start dripping and throwing the inks onto the paper - starting at the top and moving the paper all the time til they are dry. Then I have to make sure there is a balance in color and value, a point of interest, (circles are hard to make with the inks). I sit it on the ledge over the fireplace and live with it for a few days, add or subtract, spray with fixative and gloss medium and then either adhere to the wood panels or frame.

 Original Alcohol Ink Contemporary Abstract Painting 

 26"x20" Alcohol Inks on Yupo/Available

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